About Me
For 25 years I photographed food, wine, and travel images for the magazine Northwest Palate, which I founded in 1987. Both prior to and during that period I traveled the wine regions of the world, and most recently have 'focused' on the landscapes of the West Coast of America.
My photography is passion based, and I yearn to capture those precious moments in time when compelling light and subject merge ... and yes, "sometimes the magic works"!
Splitting time between Portland and Neskowin, Oregon, I photograph any subject that presents itself as captivating: from flowers to sunsets, from people to pets, and from clouds to vineyards. This website offers a sampling of those very subjects, and over time will be updated with new work, as well as scans of 'vintage' slides dating from the 1970s.
[Cameron & Zeke photo by Susan Rennie]