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Sometimes an image doesn't need to "make sense" or to have a top, bottom, left, or right. 'Getty Dance' is of a woman's boots and shawl while strolling through the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. And while gathering rock at a coastal quarry for our garden borders, I was struck by the 'faces' that one can find in the exposed walls of the rock cliffs. Kind of a 'Where's Waldo' game, there is an elephant face in the lower middle of Rock Faces 9746, and a skull face in the middle of 9749. Finally, 'Sand Creases' could be construed as an aerial view of a mountain range, but I took this shot only 2 feet in elevation, not 20,000 feet.
Banded SunsetGetty DanceVenetian ChairsVenetian ChairsWall PlayWall PlayRockface IRockface IIRockface IIISand CreaseSand CreaseSand FanSand FanSand RivuletsAxe EdgeAxe Edge